The Vardhman Bharti Trust, Wadhwan city, committed to excellence in education, strives to take the students to their highest academic potential, generating in them self-esteem, respect for themselves and for others, harmony and tolerance in a structured, "Gurukul" like family oriented environment, that is to be achieved by committed faculty and staff members providing their students, on duly acknowledge student's experience and knowledge, an atmosphere persons with character, thoughtfulness, positive contribution to society, and above all, national minded and nation making.

In view of the above, the Trust, it is crystal clear that, is fully dedicated to only educational activities without profiteering, charitable base.

Therefore, the Trust is charitable one serving in the public interests not as a business but as a service to the society. Hence, Educational activities of the Trust cannot be considered as business


Education is an engine of economy. Committed, students-centered, local and global need-based quality education with minimum costs at all levels - nursery, primary to post doctoral - ensures sustainable development of the society and enhances both the standard of living and quality of life of man, the last man of the society.