Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is committed to prepare competent engineers, imbibed with the spiral of professionalism and responsible citizenship in a competitive global environment by providing support and instigate possibilities for regular and higher studies and quality of life through Research and Development, Team work and Academic-Industry partnership.


Electronics and Communication Engineering is multi-area discipline of engineering, combining the powers of electronics engineering and communication engineering. The electronics discipline is all about applying scientific principles to the design, development, fabricate, repair and maintenance of electrical / electronic machines, instruments, appliances and communication systems. Similarly, communication engineering discipline defines the design and implementation of communication systems such as wireless communication, networks and mobile systems. Every facet of life today is impacted by electronics in one way or other. Either it is computers (hardware), or communication (multimedia) or a control, electronics is the link. Mobile telephony has shrunk the world. Hazardous situations can be handled with safety with electronics with robots for disposing bombs, handling the wastes and precision operations. The exciting world of electronics and communication needs very good mathematical background and also analytical mind. Electronics and communication engineers have the ability to the design and implementation of vast range of electronic as well as communication systems, equipment and home appliances that we use in our day-to-day life. Also, electronics and communication discipline is nowadays highly integrated with most other engineering disciplines. Practically, no engineering wing can work without electronics knowledge, whether it is chemical, aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, computer, civil or automobile.


The department was established in the year of 1997 with an undergraduate program. Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members with master degree in different areas of specialization like, Electronics and Communication, VLSI, Power Electronics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing and Networking. The Department started Masters of Engineering degree with specialization in Electronics and Communication in 2008, and Masters of Technology degree with specialization in VLSI and Embedded Systems in 2014. The Department provides ample laboratory facilities and hands-on training to the students both in the conventional subjects such as analog and digital electronics, basic communication and audio-video systems, and also in the emerging fields of specialization such as image processing, embedded systems, VLSI, wireless communication and networking. To impart the practical knowhow, the department regularly arranges industrial visit, expert talk and encourage the student to take industry define projects.