B.Tech - Computer Engineering

The department is established in the year 1997. The Computer Engineering department is the major department faring well in teaching as well as producing worthy engineers. In the Department, well qualified and experienced Post graduate faculties. The faculty members are involved in research in many areas of Computer Science and Technology. We also have well-furnishedand fully equipped laboratories and classrooms with ICT facilities. We also have post graduate course in Computer Engineering started in year 2011. In the department there is a Research& Development center where students and staff share the knowledge and do the new inventions. The department has a strong collaboration with industry and has signed MOU with many leading industries. Graduates have found remarkable sites in prestigious national and international companies and many pursue their higher studies in leading institutes in India and abroad.

The Computer Engineering department has 13 fully equipped laboratories with total of more than 225 High End Computers with all the latest peripherals; cater to the needs of the students. The laboratories run on licensed operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 8, RedHatLinux-10 and Novell Netware Servers with licensed software like Oracle 8i, Visual Studio 8, MSDN A.A, Adobe and Corel to name a few. Round the clock Internet access is provided through a dedicated Leased line of 6mbps(1:1)Connection to the students without any charges. For students and faculties one departmental library is also available. Each classrooms have ICT facilities.

The Computer Engineering department is continuously organizing technical and non-technical events every year. We have organized a sequence of technical and non-technical events since the year of 2000.We had organized 2 intra college software project competitions. The department has also organized 1 State level competition and more than 14 National Level Competitions. In addition, we have also organized 3 National Level Conferences and 2 national level STTPs and 3 national level Workshops.

The main aim of Computer Engineering department is to emphasize on over all development of students. It aims at not only producing good engineers, but also good and worthy citizens of our country, aiming at overall progress and development of students