B.Tech - Automobile Engineering

About Course

Automobile engineering deals with designing the vehicle, manufacturing new products, repairing, and servicing vehicles. It involves studies of motor systems, fabrication, efficiency and almost all aspects that deal with vehicle. It also incorporates various elements of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and safety engineering.

The demand for automobile engineering is robust and will keep growing in future because of higher demand of comfortable and efficient travel. The rapid advancement in technology in recent years has steered in a new era of hi-tech vehicles, making the business environment in the Indian auto industry very conducive.

Automobile engineering field requires a lot of determination, dedication and hard work and need to remain constantly updated with latest technology. Automobile engineering is one of the most rewarding and promising careers for young aspirants.


To inculcate the required skills in students with sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific & engineering fundamentals, necessary to formulate, solve &analyze automobile engineering problems & to prepare them for postgraduate studies.

To provide professionals, with high level of discipline, knowledge and ethical practices to bolster economy of nation.

Career Prospectus

The successful graduates would have ample of placement opportunity. Job prospects for automobile engineers have increased rapidly both in India and abroad with expansion of auto industry. This field offers wide range of opportunities for the aspirants and it includes automobile manufacturing industries, production plantsin private and public sectors, service stations, state road transport corporations, private transport companies, defense, insurance companies, motor vehicle departments, designing companies etc.